The Goldmine of Goodness

An egg is one of the most exciting ways to get your daily dose of essential nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Protein : One single egg has 6.25 grams of protein of the highest quality, containing all the 9 essential amino acids your body requires. These amino acids are the building blocks of life, necessary for the growth of your children.

Egg protein is critical for pregnant women because it enables the baby to grow normally and even builds his resistance for the future. Moreover eggs help in the development of the mother's uterus, breasts, and other reserves.

What's more, the high quality protein of an egg is essential to repair worn-out and damaged tissues. It is an excellent source of energy. And it helps in digestion and in building resistance.

Vitamins : Eggs are rich in Vitamin A, critical for good eyesight and healthy skin. They have the entire Vitamin B Group, necessary for a good appetite, healthy metabolism and stable nerves. Eggs also have Vitamin D essential for strong teeth and bones and Vitamin K for the normal clotting of blood.

Minerals : The secret of mental and physical efficiency is a well-balanced body chemistry. Eggs are an excellent source of 11 critical minerals.

They have iron, critical for healthy blood and good respiration. Phosphorous, to stimulate the nerves and the brain. Not to mention calcium, sodium, chlorine, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, zinc, copper and iodine for the normal functioning of your body.

Fats : Everybody requires the right amount of fat to stay healthy. An egg contributes only 6% of the recommended maximum of total fat. The fat in eggs is easily digested, which is an important factor in the diet of young children, convalescents and old people.

No wonder, eggs are recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition as an important part of a nutritionally balanced diet.

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